IFIP Working Group 10.4
Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance

82nd Meeting

Old Town Alexandria, VA, USA

June 23-26, 2022


Meeting Host

  Chris J. Walter, WW Technology Group, USA


Program-at-a-Glance and Contents

Workshop on Intelligent Vehicle Dependability and Security


  Jay Lala, Raytheon, US

  John Meyer, University of Michigan, US

  Carl Landwehr, George Washington University, US

  Charles Weinstock, Carnegie Mellon University, US

  Homa Alemzadeh, University of Virginia, US

  Cristina Nita-Rotaru, Northeastern University, US

  Wilfried Steiner, TTTech, AT



Day 1 - Session 1

Day 1 - Session 2

Day 1 - Session 3

Day 2 - Session 4

Day 2 - Session 5

Research Reports

Business Meeting

Introduction to the Meeting

08:25 Meeting Start: Introduction to the meeting and workshop

Jay Lala, Raytheon Technologies, US


Day 1 - Session 1

09:00 Automotive Cyber-Security - from standards to regulations

Christoph Schmittner, Austrian Institute of Technology, AT

09:45 Cyber-Attacks Against AI Stack in Autonomous Driving and Intelligent Transportation

Alfred Chen, UC Irvine, US

Day 1 - Session 2 (Panel - Cyber Attacks on Safety-Critical AV Functions: Technology & Policy)

11:40 Cybersecurity for Connected and Autonomus Vehicles
Kristie Pfosi, Director, Cybersecurity, Aptiv, US

11:50 Autonomous Vehicles: Surviving Cyber Attacks - Legal Issues
William Widen, Professor of Law, Univ of Miami School of Law, US

12:00 Cross-Collaborating to Secure Autonomous Ground Vehicles and Other Emerging Technologies Against the Threats of  Tomorrow
Benjamin Gilbert, Cybersecurity Advisor (CSA), US Department of Homeland Security, US

Day 1 - Session 3

16:00 Security for Software-defined Vehicle
Robert Kaster, Bosch, US

16:45 CyberShield - An Approach to Defeat Malware in Edge Computers using Hardware Diversity
Brock LaMeres, Montana State University, US

Day 2 - Session 4

08:00 How to defend connected intelligent vehicles: Transferring established Information Security best practices to the vehicular world
Miriam Gruber, Jan Lange, Volkswagen, DE

08:45 Detection is not enough: Low-cost Attack Recovery for Autonomous Robotic Vehicles
Karthik Pattabiraman, Univ of British Columbia, CA

09:45 Design and Assessment of Safe Autonomous Vehicles
Saurabh Jha, IBM Research, US

Day 2 - Session 5 (Summary and Discussion)

Day 1 - Session 1
John Meyer, University of Michigan, US

Day 1 - Session 2
Wilfried Steiner, TTTech Group, AT

Day 1 - Session 3
Carl Landwehr, University of Michigan, US

Day 2 - Session 4
Homa Alemzadeh, University of Virginia, US

Research Reports

Strengthening the SPIRE id provisioning workflow
Andrey Brito, Federal University of Campina Grande, BR

iReview: an Intelligent Code Review Evaluation Tool Using Biofeedback
Henrique Madeira, University of Coimbra, PT

Resilient Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
Thomas E. Carroll, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US

Serverless Cloud Engineering and On-Device Computation for Complex Machine Learning Workloads: Fast and Furious for your Hardest Data Analytics Tasks
Somali Chaterji, Purdue University, US

Towards Cyber Resilient Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystems: a historical perspective
Paulo Verissimo, KAUST, SA

Reliable Operation of Machine Learning Models in Autonomous Driving Systems
Lishan Yang, George Mason University, US

Context-aware Assurance in Cyber-Physical Systems
Xugui Zhou, University of Virginia, US


Business Meeting

82nd IFIP WG 10.4 Meeting - Business Meeting
Marco Vieira, University of Coimbra, PT